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You could get behind the wheel sooner than you think with ITP Car Loans.
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We provide more than just car loans!

Need a new car for the family? We’ve got it covered. Looking to expand your fleet? We can handle that too. Even if you’re the adventurous type looking for a new RV or boat, we can offer you a wide variety of finance options.


Personal Finance

You could get behind the wheel sooner than you think with our hassle-free personal finance services. Your very own asset finance consultant will help you find a finance solution to suit your needs ensuring you get a great deal on your loan. If you’re still looking for your dream car, let our partner carconnect help you find it.


With a secured car loan the financier lends you the funds to buy a car and secures the loan against the vehicle.


With a personal loan the financier lends you the funds which you can then use to buy your car. For this type of finance, the financier holds no security over the loan.


This is a three-way agreement between you, your employer, and a finance company that allows you to take all the costs of running your vehicle directly from your salary before you pay any tax.
Business Finance

Buying a car for your business? We’ll find a finance option to suit your business structure, cash flow requirements, and tax considerations – all you need to do is carry on running your business.


This is a commercial finance product where the financier lends you the money to buy a vehicle and then takes out a ‘mortgage’ over the vehicle as security. You take full ownership of the vehicle at the time of purchase.


Also known as a car lease, this commercial finance product allows you the use of a car while the financier retains ownership of the vehicle.

hire purchase

With this commercial finance product, you agree to hire a vehicle from a finance company for an agreed period at a fixed monthly rate.


This is a three-way agreement between an employee, an employer, and a finance company that involves taking all the costs of running the vehicle directly from the employee’s salary before any tax is deducted.


Personal Finance

When the open road calls, nothing should stand in your way, and that includes issues with financing your caravan or RV. Whether you’re in the market for a small caravan for weekends or a Swagman Motorhome for that year-long trip, we’ll help you find a finance deal that will get your adventure off to the perfect start.


Also known as a secured loan, this type of finance is secured against the vehicle. This means that interest rates and repayments are often on the more affordable side. So your dream RV is within your grasp.


Some lenders refer to this as an unsecured loan as they take no interest in your vehicle as security over the loan. This is a simple and straightforward form of finance that is popular with seasoned caravanners.


Planning to use your RV or caravan for business more than 50% of the time? Then the chattel mortgage could be your ideal form of financing. With this type of loan, you take ownership while the lender takes a mortgage out over the vehicle as security for the loan.


Personal Finance

You’ll feel nothing but calm waters with ITP Car Loans handling all your marine finance needs. With our extensive network of lenders, we’ll have you ready for the ocean in no time at all as we help you sail through the application process, sourcing the most suitable finance package for your boating needs.


With your boat used as security against this type of loan, you will enjoy more affordable payments and the ability to perhaps spend a little more than you had planned for. That’s why some lenders refer to it as a secured loan.


With a personal loan you can borrow money to buy whatever you like, and in this case, that’s a boat. With no security against the loan, this type of finance is also called an unsecured loan.


This is the perfect option if you plan to use your boat for business more than 50% of the time. You take ownership of the boat from the time of purchase while the lender takes out a mortgage over it as security for the loan.


Business Finance

If there’s one thing we know about business at ITP Car Loans, it’s the importance of business growth. Whether you’re building a commercial fleet, investing in new
machinery, or expanding your workforce, we have the contacts and the know-how to find you a finance deal that best suits the needs of your business.


With an asset lease, the financier retains ownership of the equipment while you get all the benefits of ownership without having to make a significant investment.


With a chattel mortgage, you take ownership of the equipment at the time of purchase while the financier takes out a mortgage over the equipment as security over the loan.


This is an agreement between you and the lender whereby the lender buys the equipment you need on the understanding that you will rent it from them for a fixed period.

hire purchase

This product is similar to rental in that the lender purchases the equipment and you then hire it from them for a fixed period. At the end of the term, you have the option to pay for the equipment in full so that you can take full ownership.

The ITP Difference

Drive away happy, because we offer more
We deliver finance solutions for more than just cars
We work for you and act quickly
With our network, we provide choice and can find you a better deal on finance
Boats, caravans, RVs, commercial equipment and fit-outs; all part of our first-class consultative services
We’re authorised representatives of Australia’s leading asset brokers and part of the Carsales network • Stratton Finance
Most importantly, we offer a unique car buying service through Carconnect

Your personal car buying broker

Found a car? Let us find it for you at a cheaper price. We’ll help you find a new car and finance it thanks to our partner Carconnect. Carconnect is a full car buying service that connects with 100s of dealers to get you a great price on your new vehicle. The best part; they manage the process, so you don’t have to, offering transparency over the whole process. Speak to us today about this unique personalised service.

The Loan Process

We collect basic financial details and gather an understanding of what you are looking to purchase.
Let us do the legwork for you, we will work with our panel of lenders to find the right product and price suited to you.
We present you with finance options, submit and liaise with the lender on your behalf.
Congratulations, the car is yours!

Real Life Stories

Read on and be inspired as we reveal to you some of our client’s real-life success stories.
JAYCE’S STORY - Overcoming Bad Advice
Jayce was referred to ITP Car Loans by his tax consultant Julie from ITP North Lakes QLD, as she was completing his tax return she realised he was paying way too much interest on his car loan, she went beyond her job to ensure Jayce had a better experience and had us review the finance for him.

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Jayce originally organised his finance at the dealership where he brought his car, there they advised him he had a black mark against his credit report and because of this was charged 18% in interest. As a complimentary service of ITP Car Loans, we offered to complete a credit check, when we did, we found nothing against it. Jayce explained to us that the business manager at the dealership advised him he had a default and could only obtain finance at the higher rate. We investigated this further and helped Jayce realise there was never a default against his credit report, and he was cornered into the finance deal.

We arranged a refinance of Jayce’s car loan and managed to save him $33,200 of interest payable. The most surprising thing was that we went through the same financier the dealer used.

If I went through Elias from the beginning, he would have saved me 12% in interest without going through all the headache. It gave me peace of mind knowing Elias shopped for the best deal for me and not for himself.

Jayce – Assisted by ITP Car Loans
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